Shadows in the Sand by Michael Diack

Shadows in the Sand

I should start with a spoiler alert – ‘Shadows in the Sand’ ends at a perilous point, requiring the next book in the series. If you don’t want want to read a gripping novel that is the first of a series, then you shouldn’t start ‘Shadows in the Sand’.

While most fantasy novels are set in worlds resembling medieval Europe, Empyria is much more primitive. Humans only exist in very small clusters of hunter-gathers, with very limited technology. Almost everything they encounter thinks that men are nothing more than another food item. When an earthquake shuts off the communities water supply, everyone must begin a process of moving to a new refuge … that is far from safe.

The world Micheal Diack has created is continually fascinating. The environment is so threatening, and mankinds technology so limited that I continually asked myself – would anyone actually be able to survive this?

Well worth reading for an adventure in a world unlike any other.

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