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Getting Netflix to work on Ubuntu

I’ve always wondered by Microsoft’s dead Silverlight software still exists. I ran into it when I tried to get to one of the Colorado County GIS websites … and it never worked on my Ubuntu computers.

The product is clearly another Microsoft deadend … until I discovered Netflix uses it. Since Netflix is clogging up the Internet, and beloved by the Internet Service providers who get paid by volume, Microsoft clearly has the only client it needs – as long as everyone ignores the Linux segment of the consumer market.

To get Netflix working under Ubuntu I went to the following site and followed their recommendations. It seems to have worked.


Can’t play DVD’s in Ubuntu 13.10

I once had the ability to play DVD’s on my computer, but some upgrade in the past killed the feature and I gave up trying to figure out why. When everything is available P2P who needs to play DVD’s?

Maybe those who don’t want to waste the time and data limit, and can get their fix free from the local library.

I followed the steps at the following site:

and VLC Player s showing DVD’s once again after a restart.

More help is available at: