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A gripping descent into a brutal world


Spoiler Alert!

The Descendants by Destiny Hawkins is the first part of a series. As such, it grabs you hard and pulls you into a world you probably don’t want to enter … and then leaves you hanging, waiting for the next book. Since the next book in the series isn’t available yet this is rather annoying.

Destiny Hawkins does a technically sublime job of having her main character Rayah explain the bewildering horror of her world. The rigid cast society of Lytonia is – and there is no escaping it. Attaining your place in society depends upon your performance at the Monroe Academy, and how well you respond to the torture they use to bring out the best in you. Failure results in slavery, a short life as the personal property of the successful.

The torture Rayah continuously experiences is not metaphorical, it’s very real. If you have a weak stomach, and are revolted by senseless brutality in the name of education, then this book is not for you. If you want to see the future of the United States under a Trump Dictatorship, then you should read on.

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