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Small-town Americans deal with a problem

Rednecks vs Zombies

‘Rednecks vs. Zombies’ by T.R.F. Sedgwick lives up to its title. Overnight, a bunch of small-town Americans find themselves in an unpleasant situation – almost everyone has caught a virus which turns them into flesh-eating zombies (‘mutants’ – as the more educated prefer to call them). Unlike those zombie movies where the characters respond by running around in their underwear screaming, the good people of Fredrick just get out their guns and their low-tech faithful trucks and deal with their unpleasant neighbors. The fact that everyone is a veteran of military service, and filled with good-old-boy common sense, means the zombies never really stand a chance.

Except for the second generation of zombies which will be coming in the next book.

This book falls into the category of ‘Walking Dead’ fan-fiction, so if you can’t get enough of the TV show you should read this book. The Kindle mobi version I read had some challenging formatting problems – headers and page numbers left floating in the text, and missing letters, but I’m sure that will be fixed in newer versions.

I’m not really a Zombie-book reader, so I’ll give the book a 3/5. If you’re into zombies, you’ll probably like it more.